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With the whole world facing an alarming widespread covid condition, we are informed to stay confined to our homes for a wholesome betterment. What was not expected is the double-edged perspective of people staying indoors.

As preventive measures, many adjustments are made, and one such thing is the imposing of working from home for all corporates and public and private employees. Though this is being followed as a tool for safety, never the less it has narrowed down our lifestyle from active to highly passive.

We can never deny the fact that this whole working from home is a scam. Scam in a way by which we need to make ourselves available throughout the day. Short breaks and leisure times are essentially reduced by a total of 9-10 hours stuck to laptops, emails, meetings, and issues.

As a result of this, adults are increasingly reported with mental and physical disturbances, stoppage in physical activity, hectic work schedules, distancing from companionship. All of this works in a chain reaction.

Here are the major setbacks we face due to these sudden lifestyle changes:

There is an accumulation of fat in the body by static working posture both externally and internally invisible fat around the organs. And this is closely related to health issues like diabetes and heart disorders.

"No matter how much time we spend in the gym, running, and like,long hours of sitting can still result in fat disposition."

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Stress developing due to staying indoors with no recreational activity and congested profession is linked to mental and physical effects. When we are stressed, there is an increase in blood pressure and our pulse rise, followed by the secretion of hormones faster than usual. All of which, over time, will trigger health factors.

"Stress-eating is another aspect that will increase weight because it is customary to consume more food, junk when under stress."


A lazy attitude develops because we will always have reasons not to do a thing. Also, our body, due to overweight, will not respond to sudden mental plans. Even if we schedule a workout plan, the later mindset will pull us from moving forward.

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"A sense of poor self-esteem evolves. Keep in mind that we often forget to appreciate the great things it offers to us by worrying more about our body image."

After all of this, let us now understand what needs to be followed for a positive lifestyle change.

Eating is essential, but what we eat matters the most. Choosing the right amount of nutrients and preparing a healthy meal speaks volume. And when we eat, it is good to dedicate that time wholly for it. Mindful eating helps us to appreciate what we eat, how we eat and maintain the health aspect. By mindful eating, it is clear that we need to curate a healthy plate, chew and enjoy every meal. This will keep a check on the amount we eat and the type of food we intake.

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"There is no discrimination when it comes to food, but we should always be conscious of overeating."

Here’s an example of a healthy meal plan curated by nutrition experts and dietician, which might give us an overview of eating healthy.

Note: Watch out for the calorie intake. On average, women might require 2200-2400 calories per day, and men might need 2800-3000. These may vary depending upon the age and the lifestyle of the concerned person.

It is never wrong to spend some time for ourselves. Engaging ourselves in hobbies to refresh and feel relaxed helps to handle stress and brings a positive attitude to look at things happening around us.

“Sometimes doing nothing gives us a sense of relief and helps manage stress.”

A good 30-40 minutes of any form of physical activity freshens up the body and mind. Regular workouts ensure maintaining healthy blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If all of this falls into place, there would be no significant health conditions. Hormonal imbalances are balanced, and body weight is sustained, stress is also under control.

Here are some variations to help us involve in a quick stretch. These demonstrate how our workouts can be done and can also be organized based on comfort and knowledge.

“Not only does our body looks well in shape, but also our skin glows with regular burning of calories.”

A longer life span and a healthier one is what we wish. To make it happen, it is necessary to make some lifestyle adjustments. It is worth making these changes because they help us attain a happy life ahead.